Monday, April 26, 2010

Summer Luvin'

I love the topic this week at Taylor's Top 2 Tuesday! I love summers! There are so many things to love about the summer months, but I would have to say my top two favorites are...

I live less than twenty minutes from a beautiful lake and it is a summer treat to take Dave's boat out or just hang out on the waters edge with my friends. With a few wine coolers and snacks, we manage to have a pretty amazing time! This is one of our many adventures at the lake...

I know that summer is not the only time for vacations, but I think it is the best time! I guess it goes back to school days when summer break left us with three months to fill with fun. My parents would always plan a great trip for us during the summer. I also love summer vacations because AZ can get HOT in the summer. Don't get me wrong- I actually LOVE the heat, but on those 115 degree days, it is nice to get away to the cooler weather of places like Maine!

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I am also going to play along with Miss Kriss for Temptation Tuesday for the first time! I have been a good girl and not gone too crazy when I shop lately, but this little beauty caught my eye:

It is from Target and I love it! I love the starfish and the bright red color! I picture this with a cute black summery dress- what else could I wear it with? Only neutrals? I am not sure I can justify a $40 necklace right now. Oh well... A girl can dream! Head on over and play along!
Miss Kriss


  1. I love going to the lake! Looks like you guys have a blast! :)

  2. Great things to love about Summer! We love the lake too, for more than just sailing!

  3. That lake is gorgeous! I wish I could spend a few days in that AZ heat. It rarely gets above 80 in Seattle.

  4. Your pictures are amazing and making me long for summer... NOW!!