Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Gear and Other Fri Fun

Yeah it is finally Friday! Dave is working this weekend so I am hoping to have a relaxing weekend and have some girl time with my best friends. I have decided to move with Dave so I am trying to get as much time in with my friends while I can! I also don't have a job lined up, but I am going to go and try to find something once I am there. Wish me luck! The next few weeks might be a little crazy, but I think blogging will give me a little place to vent and share all the excitement! ( : I will definitely keep you all updated! Now onto some of my favorite weekly fun...

Favorite Fridays

Jenn over at A Girl in Pearls is asking what is our favorite summer attire for this week's Favorite Fridays. I would have to say my standard is T-shirt, Shorts, Flip-Flops... comfortable, casual, and cute. My new favorite is a cute summery dress, like this little Fox dress I wore to Huntington Beach last year: Even though we look a little sunburned and tired in the last pic, I love the sunset and it brings back good memories of this trip ( :
I'm also playing along with Five Question Friday with Mama M

1. What is one food you could eat everyday?
Sandwich and soup, and I pretty much eat these two things all the time!

2. Are you working in the career you thought you would be when you were 18?
I decided that I wanted to be a pharmacist when I was in 11th grade, so yes I am in the career that I planned on. With my move, I am not sure what area of pharmacy I will be in next, so I am at a crossroads right now. In some ways that is really exciting and in some ways that is really scary!

3. What is something that you wish you would have done when you were younger and you didn't?
I wish I had stayed with dance and gymnastics longer. I have been watching So You Think You Can Dance, and it made me miss my own dancing days!

4. What color are your kitchen walls?
White... pretty exciting, right?

5. Do you remember what your very first favorite song was?
Oooo, this is a hard one! I was a music lover very early in life! I loved country and I think one of my favorites was Tim McGraw's Don't Take The Girl. I remember singing that song on the playground with my friends in elementary school. I also remember my parents singing songs to me when I was young like The Carpenter's Close To You.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Big News and Some FiH Fun...

Happy Thursday everyone! I have some big news to share. My boyfriend got a job offer in Northern California, and will most likely be moving there with him sometime THIS MONTH! This is a big deal for me on many levels. I have never lived outside of Arizona. I have lived in Tucson and Flagstaff, but they are both about two hours from my parents. This will be over 10 hours to drive home. I also have never lived with a boy. Yes... I am almost 25. Yes... Dave and I have been dating for almost three years. I know we could handle it and in most ways I think it will be great. I will have to find a job up there and possibly get a Cali RX license, which means taking their law exam and learning all their rules.

The bigger issue for me is leaving my family and friends (and his friends too.) I am extremely close to my family and I would miss them like crazy. My grandpa is also having some serious health problems and I would not be able to see him every week like I do now. There are a lot of issues for me to think about before I decide but a big part of my heart is saying "GO FOR IT!" and I think it would be nice to explore a new state and city together. I love Dave so much and I can't picture my life without him. So, while this is not exactly a "thoughtless post" I will share some random snapshots of Dave and Ty for Thoughtless Thursday. In my heart I know it would be a great adventure with this wonderful man by my side! (And that little furry man too!) I will definitely keep you all updating with the whole move and everything! On a lighter note, the wait is finally over for the new Twilight movie. I am not a fanatic like some, but I actually really loved the first movie. I had LOW expectations because I normally hate that kind of story, but this was much better than I thought. I never saw the second one, so I am hoping to rent it soon and then hit the theaters for the newest installment. Thought I would share a little Face in Hole fun... Did anyone else know that Robert Pattinson sings? Its actually not too shabby! Check it out...

Head on over and play along too!
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The Possible Future NorCal Resident...Katie