{30 Before 30}

1. Travel to Hawaii

2. Travel to Australia [& Hold Koalas Here!] [See The Great Barrier Reef/Snorkle/SCUBA]

3. Swim With Dolphins

4. Buy My 1st House

5. Eat at Pizzeria Bianco

6. Get Married To My Heart's Desire and My Best Friend

7. Become a Momma

8. Take A Cooking Class

9. Go One Month Without Eating Out [Cook At Home For EVERY MEAL!]

10. Get SCUBA Certified and Go Diving In The Open Ocean

11. See A Play On Broadway In NYC and A Circ De Soleil Show In Vegas

12. Find A Regular Volunteer Opportunity [Animal Shelter or AZ4Children?]

13. Read {at least} 50 0f the The Books On The Modern Library's Top 100 List [and/or The College Board List]

14. See All The Movies On The AFI Top 100 List {As of 4/2010 I have seen 24}

15. Host A Fancy Dinner Party and Host A Theme Party

16. Hike The Grand Canyon

17. See The Giant Sequoia Trees In Yosemite/Sequoia National Park

18. Read The Entire Bible [Maybe Using This Guide?]

19. Get A Professional Massage and Have A Spa Day With My Mom

20. Create A Cookbook Of My Favorite Recipes and Have A Few Signature Dishes I Can Make From Memory

21. Start Saving For My Retirement

22. Take A Cruise

23. Get My Parents A Really Great Gift

24. Learn To Play Golf and/or Tennis [Take Lessons]

25. Travel To Europe

26. Learn To Play An Instrument

27. Write A Letter To The People Who Made A Difference In My Life [Teachers, Family, Friends] And A Letter To My Children To Be Opened On Their 18th Birthday

28. Go On A Cross Country Road Trip

29. Pay Credit Card Debt Off Every Month and Pay More Than Minimum On Student Loans/ and/or House Payment, and have six months worth of living expenses in a savings account.

30. Become Fluent In Spanish [Rosetta Stone or Community College Classes]