Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Park Perfection and Celeb Love

Last night after dinner, Dave and I went to my favorite park to take Ty for a walk. It was such a beautiful evening and the rose bushes were in full bloom! Poor Dave... even on a weekday walk he cannot escape my camera! And of course we fed the peacocks!

Now onto this week's Favorite Fridays with Jen at A Girl in Pearls...

Favorite Fridays

I am sad to say, some of my old fav's broke up...

Like Jess and Nick...
And Ryan and Reese...
So I would have to say some of my favorite celeb couples that are still together are...

Gwen and Gavin... I have loved Bush and No Doubt since middle school! *Don't Speak*Spiderwebs*I Don't Wanna Come Back Down From This Cloud*Glycerine* Who's with me? Those songs take me back!
Plus they have the cutest lil family!
I also ♥ love Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn. They seem so happy and they are so beautiful!

For Friday Funny over at Kelly&Co I will leave you with this... an oldie, but a goodie!Happy Good Friday everyone!



  1. Awww how fun! You look so pretty and your puppy is a cutie! Love the peacock! hahahahah my hubby cannot escape my camera either....he is getting use to it though I am the Mommarazzi LOL....

    O.K girly I am with you my fav couple was Jessica and Nick and Reese and Ryan....sad they broke up :0(

    I do heart Gavin and Gwen love the music takes me way back....

    Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter
    Summer :0)

  2. I am with you I loved Nick and Jessica! I am still holding out hope for them! Jerry and Rebecca, love them! I love that he is a stay home dad! Good Choice! Happy Easter!

  3. Oh No Doubt, I loved them. Gwen and Gavin do make a very strong couple, great pick!

    I loved Nick & Jessica, too maybe one day they will be reunited in love!

  4. How I loved Nick and Jessica!!! Gwen and Gavin are pretty fab though...low key is usually good in Hollywood!

  5. Oh excellent choice; love me some Gwen! I totally agree w so many good couples breaking up but don't worry there will be a fav friday w fav ex celeb couple! Thanks for playing Have a fabulous weekend!

  6. aw nick&jess were such a cute couple! gwen & gavin too, i love their music! (machinehead from him & sunday morning & others from her!)

    i like your pictures those roses are so pretty, and your pup is soo tiny lol!

  7. Wow, what beautiful pictures with the roses!! Sounds like a really nice night :-) I love Gavin and Gwen too!! Have a great weekend :-D

  8. Love Gavin and Gwen but I think I liked Rebecca more with John Stamos! Its uncle Jesse!!