Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Random Things About Me...Top 2 Tuesdays

This week for Top 2 Tuesday, Taylor is asking us to post two random facts about ourselves. Both of these are pretty embarrassing, but I guess blogging is about sharing the not so glamorous side of life too! ( : Here goes...

1. I missed my biochemistry final...on accident! My college classes always came with a syllabus and schedule of all the major exams. We had a special two weeks after classes were over in which all the final exams were given. Well, I was becoming a little bit of a slacker towards the end of that semester and was having my friends bring me copies of the notes. Usually the last day of class before finals start is a quick review of all the materials that will be on the final exam. Note the use of the word USUALLY! I again thought I would just copy the notes from a friend and then study like a mad woman before the final. The test date was TBD, but I figured I would get that info on the last day of class. Well, later that day I got a call from my friend asking how the test went. Test? But its not even finals week! Yup... I had missed my final! It was worth like 50% of my grade so I DEFINITELY would have failed without it! I e-mailed my professor and said I had a "personal emergency" and could not make it to class, (I am a bad liar and the fewer details I have to remember the better!) She was awesome and let me take it the next day. Funny now, but horrible then! I would like to tell you that this made me change my slacker ways but umm, I still had some copied notes here and there. Don't worry... I graduated! ( :

2. My bedroom light is on a 60 min timer. I always fall asleep with the light on and this drives my dad crazy! He decided that I would not have that option anymore and installed a timer. Now my light goes off every 60 min. If I am in my room for more than 1 hour, I have to get up and turn my timer dial back for another hour. Sad but true!

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  1. oh my gosh I would stress so bad about missing a final! And that is hilarious about the light! I need to buy those for all over my house...Ben always leaves lights on when he leaves a room!

  2. Wow I never heard of a bedroom light timer! SUCH a good idea!

  3. wow you missed your final! oh my gosh thank goodness you got to make it up, wouldnt that be the worst ever!? your blog looks so cute by the way :)