Friday, March 12, 2010

Finally Friday!

If you read my previous post, then you know that is has been an emotionally draining week and I am seriously looking forward to the weekend. On the lighter side, I just found a cute blog with another of the day of the week features. This one is...

Keeping Up With Kelly & Co

Friday Funny! I think everyone could use a smile to kick start the weekend! I will share something that always makes me laugh...Threadless Tees! They are not all funny, but its fun to browse through them and I always find something that makes me smile.

Cheating Dog:
Running through the sprinkler:Panda-moniumThe dog ate my homework:The cow that didn't quite make it:Eggs, milk, and...(yikes)Don't play with matches:Cooking with friends:The bad apple...(hehe- I love this one)
And don't forget...there's no I in team:

Hope at least one of those made you smile!

Now on to to another feature I've been wanting to play along with...Fill In The Blanks Fridays!

1. The best day ever... is still ahead of me! I truly believe that life continues to get richer and fuller if we keep growing and learning and loving!

2. The best meal of the day is...definitely lunch! I could live on soup and sannies!

3. Never in my life have I...been to a different continent! I love to travel and hope someday to get to Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa!

4. The only thing better than...being loved is... loving someone else!

5. I could really do with some... Wildflower Bakery soup! Haha- I am hungry!

6. The most recent thing I bought myself was... a feathery hair clip from The Icing... I love me some hair flowers and I am hoping I can pull of some feathers too. We shall see. Pictures may be posted if all goes well!

Head on over to see all the responses at

I hope everyone has an AMAZING weekend!


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  1. Thanks for playing along Katie. You did good...for a first timer :). Haha.

    Hope you have a good weekend.