Monday, June 14, 2010

Good Times and Guilty Pleasures

Hello to all my fellow bloggers! It has been a great week for me! Its only been about five days since I last blogged but I have been keeping myself busy. On Wednesday last week, my best friend Courtney came over after work and brought me Pei Wei takeout, Coldstone ice cream, a sweet card and bought me a new change purse from Francesca's. How lucky am I to have a friend like that?! We just watched movies and hung out. It was so sweet of her and its the little things like this that have kept us best friends since sixth grade. {I am the one on the right rockin' all that ADIDAS gear}

On Thursday, Dave came over and we went to the library for a little while together. We got a little studying done but I started to feel sick so we had to leave early. We watched the Celtics and Lakers NBA game, and again it was a great game! I am kind of rooting for the Celtics, but I like the Lakers too. Still hoping I can see the Suns win a championship someday!

On Friday Dave and I had lunch at Jason's Deli (pot roast sandwich- I love thee!) and stopped by my Grandma and Grandpa's house. We were there for quite a long time and it was really nice to hear all the old stories. I am working on scanning all of their photo albums for a digital frame that we are giving to my Grandpa for Father's Day. I love looking at the really old pictures! My grandparents are so sweet and my dad was the cutest little kid! Scanning all those albums is A LOT of work, but definitely worth it to save all the memories from the past.

Friday night I went to the bar where Courtney works to keep her company as she collected money at the door. It was a pretty mellow night, but I still had fun. They had live bands there, but all in all they were pretty terrible! Courtney's friend Caroline was there too and she was pretty nice. I had met her before but this was the first time I had the chance to talk to her. I also think its pretty funny to try to hold a conversation with drunk people when I am stone cold sober! A few guys tried to talk to me and half of what they said didn't even make sense-lol. Courtney also worked the bar during the day on Saturday. She called me and said it was completely dead in there so I went in and she painted my nails. Some of her other friends stopped in a little later and we played darts. These guys have their own darts, so you know they mean business, but it was really fun! I also scheduled a hair appointment with Court's friend Ashley. I have never had her cut my hair, but from what I have seen she does a great job! I guess I will see on Thursday. I will do a before and after for you all ( :

Sunday, Dave and I went for lunch at the mall and did a little shopping. He got me this cute necklace from Forever 21. He works in the aerospace industry and has his private pilots license, so when he saw this he wanted me to have it: {Image via F21}

How cute is that bejeweled plane? Oh how I love cheap accessories, and Dave is definitely an enabler in that area! Sunday night was another NBA championship night and we also took my dog for a walk around the lake by my house. All in all a really great week!

I am also playing along with Taylor's Top 2 Tuesday and the topic is Top 2 Guilty Pleasures:
1. Bad TV- I have some shows on my DVR that I am sure are killing brain cells but I still love them. These shows drive Dave CRAZY and he cannot stand them. I don't really know why but I love to watch 16&Pregnant/Teen Mom, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kendra, etc.
2. Buying Cheap Accessories (see above)- I know I need to stop buying cheap stuff that breaks within three or four wears but I cannot help myself when I see a new shiny bauble that is less than 10 bucks!

Head on over and play along!


  1. I LOVE all of the shows you listed! and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that necklace!

  2. Hope you are feeling 100% soon. Love your necklace and that it's meaningful.

  3. I love 16 and Pregnant but my family always makes fun of me when I am watching it!

  4. what a fabulous necklace...hope you are feeling better soon!

    have a wonderful rest of the weekend.....