Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another Thursday To Be Thankful For

I am back from my vacation (and blog-cation.) I spent Memorial Day weekend with Dave and a big group of our friends in Las Vegas! It wasn't the most relaxing of trips... there was some MAJOR DRAMA with two of our friends. Dave's best friend and his girlfriend have been together for four years, but they have some issues and I think we all knew they were going to call it quits sometime soon. Unfortunately for all of us, it happened the first night of our trip! Dave and I and his friend Eric and his gf got into town later than the rest of the group. When we got there we found out that J had been dating someone else and A had just found out about it. YIKES! It was so crazy! I never thought she would do something like that! She slept in the room that first night and we all went out without her. Friday was a really fun night! We went out on the strip, had a few drinks and went dancing at Coyote Ugly! In honor of Thoughtless Thursdays here are some of our pictures:We went to a breakfast buffet Saturday morning and I had the most delicious breakfast pizza. Then we crashed in the hotel for a little while and we we woke up we went to the pool. Dave and I spent a lot of time Saturday trying to keep J and A apart so they wouldn't get angry and cause a scene. Everyone was ignoring J because she cheated, so Dave and I were really the only people she had who would talk to her and just be nice. Yes, she made a mistake, but I am not the kind of person to be nasty to someone I have known for three years because of something like that. Everyone left Sunday morning except Dave, Eric, Sam-his girlfriend, and me, so we had at least one day that was drama free! We went to the shark exhibit at Mandalay Bay which was smaller than I expected, but still fun. We also hit up the premium outlets- which has a great Coach outlet. Dave bought me some new Coach sunglasses- Gingers in black and green. He is so stinking sweet and I LOVE them!!
We also spent Tuesday night out with Ben before he had to go back to the Midwest. We went to Dave & Busters and played some games. My favorites were a trivia game (which I got the bonus for getting all the answers right one round!) and the basketball game. Here is Dave and his Trivia ticket winnings ( : We also went bowling together that night and had a blast. Ben is such a fun and sweet guy and I can't wait until he is back in town for Labor Day and our trip to Cali!
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For Thankful Thursday Five at MannLand5 here are five things that
I am thankful for this week:
1. Delicious Cold Drinks On A Hot Day
Nothing is better than an ice cold drink on one of the many hot days here in the southwest. Lately I have been making my own smoothies a lot. I used to work at a smoothie shop and I make some pretty delish frozen treats. Here is a simple recipe in case you are interested in making your own:
1 cup frozen strawberries, 1/2 banana, 2 scoops frozen yogurt, fruit juice (I like pineapple, but you can use whatever you like) Blend until smooth and enjoy!

2. Long Weekends With Friends
Vegas was still a great get-away even with all the DRAMA! My favorite things were dancing at Coyote Ugly and all the buffets!

3. My New Sunglasses
(see above) They were on sale and they are pretty timeless! I will be wearing these beauties for a while!

4. My DVR
Sometimes after a big trip you just need a few nights of watching TV and relaxing at home, or at least I do! I love having all my shows recorded and getting to skip all the commercials!

5. My Pup
There is nothing better than coming home to a loyal little guy who has been missing me and is super excited to have me back home!

Share all the things you're thankful for over at Mannland5!

Thanks for stopping by! I always love all the sweet comments! Have a great Thursday!


  1. Looked like a lot of fun. Loved your outfits!

  2. Fun Fun! I love Vegas! Loved your outfits too!...

    stopping by from Mannland5..

    Have a great day!

  3. Awww you looked like you had a ton of fun!! Following you :)

  4. Love the pics I am slightly jealous of those sunglasses....super awesome :0)

    Glad ya'll had a fab time....
    Oh and I need your email to send ya an invite to my bloggy blog....
    mine is

  5. what GREAT pics!!! looks like SO much fun!!! thanks for playing friend :)

  6. Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog and the follow! I follow too now! Talk soon, both your blogs look fab, so excited!

  7. Awesome dress! I wish I had gone to Coyote Ugly last time I went to Vegas!

  8. I have only been to Vegas once and it was with my hubby for my mom's wedding. I definitely want to go back with a group of friends. It looks like you had an awesome time!

    Last year, when I went to Cuba, one of our couple friends brought a little drama with them but they hid it very well in the beginning. But by the end of the week, it got uncomfortable and we noticed that something was definitely up.